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While looking for your dream job, you might be asked more than just your job application. In case, your job involves children, senior citizens, and vulnerable adults, you need to undergo a DBS check. A DBS check is a lot like a compliance check from Pragmatic Compliance, however, instead of the check being for a company it’s for you as a potential employee. Its a checkconfirms to the fact that you are an eligible candidate for the job. A DBS checking service not only helps your employer to recognize you as the ideal candidate, but it is also a legal obligation for certain jobs.

What is DBS check all about?

Before you go into the details of whether you require a DBS check or not, it is essential to understand what DBS check is all about. DBS or the Disclosure and Barring Service is a public body that carries out strict evaluation and examination of a candidate’s complete background to ensure that there are no criminal records and convictions against him/her. The whole process is carried out by the Disclosure and barring Service.

Your eligibility for the particular job depends upon the information shown in DBS check

Such a criminal record checking is a mandatory element for several jobs, especially for those applying for work involving the children, senior citizen and vulnerable adults. The information attained from the DBS check becomes the ultimate point to recognize the suitability or an eligibility of a particular candidate for the job role. In case, you want to adopt or foster a child, you have to undergo the Disclosure and Barring Service check as well.

When are you in need of a DBS check?

In case, you are applying for a certain type of job role, you will be demanded for a DBS check. In fact, the companies and organizations can also ask for the Disclosure and Barring Service check from the job applicants, volunteers and employees as well. When your job demands you to work with children, vulnerable adults and senior citizens, you are legally bound to execute a DBS check. Some of the professions that require a DBS check include:

  • Child carer or child minder
  • Teacher (Such as a Cognita School)
  • Sport coaches and trainers
  • Healthcare or medical professionals
  • Foster or adopted children carer
  • Social worker

When you are working in a specific environment like hospitals, schools, children’s homes, old age homes etc., a DBS check is a must. In fact, there are certain other professions as well that requires a DBS check. The professions include:

  • Accountants
  • Barristers
  • Solicitors

If your DBS check result is positive without any criminal records, you will be considered eligible for the said job role and hence will be employed or hired.

What is the expiry date of a DBS check?

 Now, the question is for how long a DBS check can last. Is there any expiry date? The good news is that there is no expiry of a DBS check. In case, there is any update of information submitted in respect to your job, a new DBS check will be carried out for the new information. You basically need the DBS update service for such things.

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