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Keeping Your Treasures Safe in Your Home

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In life one builds up many treasured possessions and as a parent you have to become more and more creative in where you store them. So the real question is where do you keep your keepsakes? It may sound like a joke but there is a place where you can keep your stuff safe, a safe from Fast Keys. Here are a few items that you’re likely to find in a safe, but the truth is you can be adventurous with whatever goes in there, also if you’re looking to go the extra mile, try key safe boxes again, from Fast Keys.


Passports are your key to identity, not to mention the fact that they could potentially be dangerous in the hands of someone else that could use it to impersonate you. In addition there is nothing more annoying than losing your passport, especially when you’ve got a holiday coming up.


They say that money makes the world go round, so it’s no surprise that one of the items likely to appear in a safe is money. Some even keep various different currencies in there in case the need for it arises. To go even further some may have potentially expensive collections of money like coin or note collections.


Some women or men have items of jewellery that are priceless. This means to them no amount of money will ever be enough to purchase said items. These items will often then appear in a safe, because where better to store them?

Important Details

Pieces of paper really are difficult to keep hold of, and for love nor money can I understand why some of the most important details that we need are printed onto paper. Especially when losing these pieces of paper would place us in so much trouble. Putting these details in a safe really is the safest option.

Although the whole idea of using a safe is to put valuable or even priceless items into them to keep them safe the whole concept seems pointless when you can lose the key. That’s where a locksmith comes in, so even your safe can be kept safe.

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Things That A Mum Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About

Posted by on Sep 16, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Women are conditioned to be nice and polite all the time. This is the reason why most women still feel guilty about some things even when it’s just normal circumstances. I’m sure there’s a lot more, but here are few which I could come up with right now.

Making More Money Than Your Partner

Women have gone a long way from not being sent to school and mastering household chores because we’re gonna get married anyway to finishing college, having successful career, and even earning more money than our husbands. It’s time to stop downgrading your achievements and paycheck just so you don’t hurt your date/boyfriend/husbands ego. We work hard just as much as they do, it’s only right to be proud of whatever we’ve achieved.Money-Woman_crop380w

Being Single

When everybody in your circle is in a relationship, being engaged, getting married or having babies, being single can make you feel out of place. But you have to remember that there is nothing wrong with enjoying your freedom longer than they do. Don’t feel small or pressured to settle down at a certain age or period.Single_Ladies_(Put_a_Ring_on_It)_screenshot

Eating Habits

Maybe you like eating your dessert first, don’t eat meat, obsessed with fast food, or you eat too little or too much, the thing is you shouldn’t have to explain yourself to anybody much less feel sorry for it. As long as you’re not affecting their life with the way you eat, just eat as usual. Besides, since when did someone’s eating habits became anyone’s business?all

Being Addicted To Pamper Parties

Just like how you don’t question other’s way to unwind, you shouldn’t feel guilty about loving Glo Pamper Parties. Because you should be able to indulge in a couple of hours of mani and pedi, facial, massage and make-up session with your friends, when you’re tired, having a bad day, or when you want to. Because, why not?pamperparties2-1024x804

Saying No To Something Or Someone

You’re in no obligation to accept invitations/proposal, go with someone’s plan, or do someone a favor. Telling anyone no, doesn’t make you a bad person. It just means you’re not a pushover who just goes along with anything.images




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The Power of Parenting

Posted by on Aug 31, 2015 in Children Mindset, Parenting Style | 0 comments

In general, parenting is raising a child from the biological relationship, supporting the physical, emotion, social, financial and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood. Many things are considered when it comes to parenting. Factors are detrimental to the growth of the child, and life situations are the epitome of the “good-enough parenting” description in research of many scientist. But what is parenting really about? What are these factors that affect parenting? What is the basic skill that a parent should have? And, how do you exactly practice parenting.

Parenting can be done by many, and is a continuous profession in life. The most common caretaker in parenting is the biological parents. In many research, the influence of a biological parent can determine the attitude of a child. Their presence is heavily influences the mindset of a child, that is why it is detrimental to a child to have a connection with his, or her, biological parents.

legal guardianIn the absence of the biological family, a legal guardian comes in. Legal guardians can be grandparents, the aunts and uncles, other family members, or family friends. Legal guardians comes in, when, a parent cannot be physically present in the time of the child minority stages. In complete absence, such as death, the legal guardian will have the duty to raise the child and have the right to have full custody. Thus, any form of care by the legal guardian will, and must be, for the betterment of the child. Thus, the title of parent is one thing, but upholding it is another.

Although culture shows soon to be parents on how to raise children, it is only one of several factors that affect parenting. Social class, wealth and income are the other factors of parenting. It shows the capabilities, opportunities, and chances of parents to give a better future in their child’s upbringing.

Around the world, parenting has many styles, and skills vary from one culture to another. Some applies high level of demands, rigid and strict rules, and rigid obedience; while some have medium level of demands, responsiveness, positive reinforcement and infrequent use of punishment. Some spoil their children and have a high regard for their freedom and autonomy, while some are emotionally and physically absent with minimal communication.

upbringing of childrenRegardless of these styles, a parent must always uphold proper communication and a give and take decisions for children, to have a positive feedback from them. People practicing parenting reflect the cultural understanding of children. For example, a parent in a conservative upbringing tends to have low regards on freedom and imprints culture heavily on the mindset of the child; while parents in a more individualistic upbringing, teaches the child to be independent and to recognize one self in a mirror test. Due to different upbringing, it show the parallel ways of a child growing up, and the upbringing can become a factor of the personality of a child as it grows up to adulthood.

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Must Try Family Activities Today!

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Since when did family bonding equate to being together in one room yet each member of the family is busy holding their gadgets and posting on social media or playing online games? Don’t let the kids grow up in this kind of “Family Bonding” get out and enjoy these activities instead!

Visit A Fire Station

For those kids who love toy trucks or playing fire fighter, why not turn their imagination into a real life adventure? Get in touch with your local fire station and arrange a tour for kids, and have them see what it is really like to be a hero.IMG_2632_2194

Go Camping

Kids these days only get down and dirty playing online games. Make them appreciate nature and experience it for real by going on a camping trip or going on trips with their friends. They’ll learn life-saving skills, get in touch with nature, and make them see the world in a much bigger picture than what the internet could ever offer.young-family-camping

Try Bubble Football

Wanna be sporty with your kids without the competitive feel of it? Click here and try bubble football! It’s practically just the same as the original football, but less strict, less competitive, and less serious. It’s all about playing on the field, having fun, and bumping into each other like kids without getting hurt. If you haven’t heard about bubble football before, why not try it this weekend with the whole family and see what kind of fun you’ve been missing out on lately.bubble-football

Get Cooking

In the instant noodles and micro waved foods generation, it’s been the norm that kids no longer know how to cook. Don’t let your kids grow up without this essential life skill. As early as today, get them into cooking by teaching them or making your Sunday cooking session into a bonding session. This way, not only that your kid learns to cook, he or she also sees it as a fun activity rather than a laborious task.baking_family

Learn A New Skill With Your Child

We keep persuading our kids to put those gadgets down and learn some skills instead. Well, they will be more likely to obey if you go and try to learn new skills with them. Kids seeing you trying new things, struggling as you learn will motivate them to actually enjoy the activity rather than feel forced into


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