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Liquid carbon dioxide can be recovered from an assortment of sources like ammonia and hydrogen plants as the form of purified and liquefied forms. It is delivered to customers in the liquefied form for a number of applications and uses.

How is liquid CO2 made?

Carbon dioxide is a very interesting gas where it freezes directly from the gaseous state to the solid state at normal atmospheric pressure and this bypasses the liquid phase completely. CO2 becomes dry ice at –109.3 degrees Fahrenheit. CO2 can however be liquefied if the pressure is increased on it to 5.1 atmospheres which is around 75 pounds per square inch and kept to below -59 degrees Fahrenheit. This condition is known as triple point where the. Liquid CO2 needs to be stored really well by experienced manufacturers. This can easily be CO2 gas that exists in solid, liquid and gaseous state altogether e made at home though CO2 gas will remain in the liquid state for a few seconds only.

  • Buy some dry ice from grocery stores like Walmart. This can be kept in the cooler to keep frozen
  • Open the ice pack and remove some chunk of ice. Always ensure to wear goggles and rubber gloves for safety
  • Hammer the chunks into small ice pieces
  • Cut the narrow portion at the end with a scissor so that there is a large opening and scoop some crushed ice
  • Stitch back the open portion and plunge it into a tub of warm water
  • The plastic bulb will expand and the frozen CO2 will thaw. The CO2 would slowly take the form of liquid CO2 after which some would again be converted to the solid state. The rest will become gas.

What are the features of liquefied CO2 gas?

Carbon dioxide is stored in a liquid form for use in high volume customer applications. They are stored in specialized vessels that can be used for several days in either the liquid form or the gas form. Liquid carbon dioxide is available in a variety of concentrations and purities.

  • Liquid CO2 is available in refrigerated liquefied gas form
  • The boiling point of this gas is 78.50 degrees Celsius
  • The gaseous form of this gas is heavier than air
  • The gas is colourless and odourless
  • Liquid CO2 is stable under normal conditions

Can CO2 exist is liquid form?

Carbon dioxide can exist in three states- Solid, Liquid and gaseous forms. If this is compressed and cooled to proper temperature the gas tends to liquefy well which can again change back to its gaseous state.

What is liquid CO2 used for?

Gas plants usually produce Co2 in two major forms- the solid form and the liquid form. The solid form is known as dry ice and is used in the refrigeration industry as well and the gaseous form is used to extinguish fire, and make soft drinks.

There are various uses of liquid CO2 gas.

  • Liquid Co2 is known to be a good dissolving agent for various organic compounds. It can also be used to remove caffeine from coffee.
  • Carbon dioxide in the solid and liquid form is used for refrigeration and cooling purposes. It is also used as an inert gas in various chemical processes as well as in the storage of carbon powder as well as in fire extinguishers