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CGE 05168-33If you are an everyday parent it is guaranteed that you are somehow involved with the organisation of their school trips. When it comes to school trip planning somehow each parent seems to go power crazy over the task they have been assigned. Each parent competing to see who can complete their task the best and look like parent of the year. If you are the parent that received the task of organising the transport then I definitely have some tips for you.

Firstly never ever arrange for everyone to travel separately or make their own way there. This can always prove disastrous when it comes to organisation. There will always be that one parent and child that is late, gets lost or worse just decides not to come. For organisation purposes this can pretty much ruin the whole trip as rules often state that before the trip commences each student has to be there. This is why you need to stick to student travel companies who handle school trips regularly. Through eliminating this process altogether you have already excelled in the task of field trip transport.

Now you have decided that travelling together is the best option you have to pick your mode of transport. Though travelling by train is fast it is by far the most hectic form of transport. Travelling by train could mean a student getting lost, for the younger age groups this mode of transport is not ideal at all.

Travelling by coach always proves a great idea. It is easy to organise students before everyone gets on and off of the coach. You can assign teachers to each coach so there is a safe ration. Furthermore coaches have enough space to store any luggage that the teachers or students may want to bring with them. Though a coach is probably the best option if the size of the attendees is relatively small that is not the case. It could prove costly if you are only transporting a relatively small amount of students.

Alternatively for a smaller group of students instead of hiring such a large vehicle you can look into minibus hire from One Executive. A minibus works in a similar manner to a coach when it comes to organisation. The only difference is the size. It still makes sense however to travel together to prevent any loss and so that teachers can keep an eye on the students.