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imagesIf you’re trying to go the extra mile, or is giving the present to someone really special, luxury gift wrap from Wrapsody is the way to go. But if you’re trying to wing it by yourself, here are some tips to help you.

Gift Bags Are Your New Best Friend

If gift wrapping is just not you thing, but you feel bad about handing out unwrapped present, gift bags will save your life. There are stores that personalise them with your name, as well as designed according to the holiday.

Don’t Miss Out On This Groovy Tinsel Tape

Your gift already comes with a box but you just can’t be bothered to wrap? Tinsel tape can give it a nice holiday touch in no sweat. It might not look much but it shows that you at least, tried.

The Wonder Of Ribbons

Even a plain white box will look posh when topped with a nice red ribbon. They even give you the luxury gift wrapping feeling. You can either buy readymade ribbons or stock a roll of satin ribbon so you can just make your own ribbon when you need one. There are a lot of tutorials online that will teach you how to do those beautiful knots, if don’t already know yet.

Hunt For Your Signature Wrapping Paper

Either you use one wrapping paper every time the need arise, or assign one design every year. Your friends and family can tell right away that the gift was from you just by looking at the gift wrap. It may not be as lush as luxury gift wrapping but it certainly serves the purpose well enough.

Reuse Leftover Fabrics

If you have a lot of old shirts you no longer use, especially those with cute prints or nice patterns, it can be a great substitute for wrapping paper. Aside from being able to save on wrapping paper, it would be so interesting people would have a whole conversation about it.

Double-Sided Tapes Are The Bomb

Double-sided tapes don’t just make wrapping faster but it also make everything a sticker. So if you know you’ll be up for some gift wrapping, don’t forget to include it in your shopping list.