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What is liquid Co2 and what can it be used for

What is liquid Co2 and what can it be used for

Posted by on Oct 12, 2017 in Info |

Liquid carbon dioxide can be recovered from an assortment of sources like ammonia and hydrogen plants as the form of purified and liquefied forms. It is delivered to customers in the liquefied form for a number of applications and uses.

How is liquid CO2 made?

Carbon dioxide is a very interesting gas where it freezes directly from the gaseous state to the solid state at normal atmospheric pressure and this bypasses the liquid phase completely. CO2 becomes dry ice at –109.3 degrees Fahrenheit. CO2 can however be liquefied if the pressure is increased on it to 5.1 atmospheres which is around 75 pounds per square inch and kept to below -59 degrees Fahrenheit. This condition is known as triple point where the. Liquid CO2 needs to be stored really well by experienced manufacturers. This can easily be CO2 gas that exists in solid, liquid and gaseous state altogether e made at home though CO2 gas will remain in the liquid state for a few seconds only.

  • Buy some dry ice from grocery stores like Walmart. This can be kept in the cooler to keep frozen
  • Open the ice pack and remove some chunk of ice. Always ensure to wear goggles and rubber gloves for safety
  • Hammer the chunks into small ice pieces
  • Cut the narrow portion at the end with a scissor so that there is a large opening and scoop some crushed ice
  • Stitch back the open portion and plunge it into a tub of warm water
  • The plastic bulb will expand and the frozen CO2 will thaw. The CO2 would slowly take the form of liquid CO2 after which some would again be converted to the solid state. The rest will become gas.

What are the features of liquefied CO2 gas?

Carbon dioxide is stored in a liquid form for use in high volume customer applications. They are stored in specialized vessels that can be used for several days in either the liquid form or the gas form. Liquid carbon dioxide is available in a variety of concentrations and purities.

  • Liquid CO2 is available in refrigerated liquefied gas form
  • The boiling point of this gas is 78.50 degrees Celsius
  • The gaseous form of this gas is heavier than air
  • The gas is colourless and odourless
  • Liquid CO2 is stable under normal conditions

Can CO2 exist is liquid form?

Carbon dioxide can exist in three states- Solid, Liquid and gaseous forms. If this is compressed and cooled to proper temperature the gas tends to liquefy well which can again change back to its gaseous state.

What is liquid CO2 used for?

Gas plants usually produce Co2 in two major forms- the solid form and the liquid form. The solid form is known as dry ice and is used in the refrigeration industry as well and the gaseous form is used to extinguish fire, and make soft drinks.

There are various uses of liquid CO2 gas.

  • Liquid Co2 is known to be a good dissolving agent for various organic compounds. It can also be used to remove caffeine from coffee.
  • Carbon dioxide in the solid and liquid form is used for refrigeration and cooling purposes. It is also used as an inert gas in various chemical processes as well as in the storage of carbon powder as well as in fire extinguishers


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Mortgage Loans: How to Improve Your Chances of Approval

Mortgage Loans: How to Improve Your Chances of Approval

Posted by on Sep 23, 2017 in Home |

It is very difficult to get a home with the increasing number of people. Most of the people are seeking loan and the companies who are providing a large number of loans. Although some of the people have good credit history but also they are finding it difficult to get mortgage loans for their homes. It is obvious that the person who has poor credit score will not be able to get a home. Although they give much efforts to get it but it is really close to impossible for them with poor credit scores. With the increasing demand for homes, the amount of rejection every year is increasing.

But this could not help of betterment of the conditions on the borrowers. It is important to the borrowers to be more observant while borrowing money for financing the activities of home buying. There are some essential matters that should be kept in mind while borrowing money for home. At first you should ensure that you are able to afford 20% down payment of the loan to the bank from where you are getting you loan. Your ability to pay 20% of down payment gives the satisfaction that most of banks required. This ensures the ability to repay.


Fill Out the Application

Filling out the application is the most important and almost easiest way to be sure about your mortgage loan application is processed. Take your time and try to complete each and every space on your application form.

It is important to double check the spelling and corrects it before submitting the application. For verification process your information will be submitted to the databases. A person will review it if there is any problem with verification and if the information that you give cannot matched. If there is a spelling mistake about the company’s name where you are employed, then there is a chance of delayed or declined your application.


Get Your Debts in Order

Whenever the lenders suspect the reasons behind your bad credit it is difficult to get mortgage loans. If you can able to show the matters rightly with good efforts will help to control of existing debt and that is a big plus point for them.


Budget Accurately

The keystone of the positive application is to calculating what is affordable. If the people with bad credits are sure about what is affordable while seeking mortgage loans, then only they can strategize properly. This can improve their situation.

To get a strong indication of the ability of their repayment lenders must want to know of the debts of an applicant that is already repaying.  The debt-to-income ratio here comes into play. This ratio is designed to both to ensure a borrower who does not over-extend their debt, and this will make the lender sure of getting their money back. This will give an approval to secure.


Providing a Down Payment

If the payment is affordable then getting mortgage loans with bad credit is possible. If you make a large down payment, then the required sum of mortgage can be decreased. This is way where the principal owed, and interest paid. And also the overall monthly repayments are decreased. Estate agent east London helps to get any kind of mortgage loan easily.


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Top 5 Gifts for Dementia Sufferers

Top 5 Gifts for Dementia Sufferers

Posted by on Jul 11, 2017 in Info, Uncategorized |

Choosing gifts for people with Dementia or Alzheimer’s can be a great challenge and it is not as easy as thought. You really need to think hard before you buy gifts for a dementia sufferer. Here are top 5 gifts that you can gift to people suffering from Dementia.

The Call to mind Conversation Game

This is one of the most unique games specially designed for people suffering from Dementia. This is the world’s first Dementia board game that can help spark a conversation and connect between loved ones. This helps a person to recall memory and stimulate conversation with the opposite side. This is a brilliant game that is adapted for Dementia sufferers and is best used in the early to the middle stages of Dementia. Playing the game also helps in exercising of the mind, brain, hand movement and speech as well.

The Day Clock

Now what are Dementia clocks? Dementia clocks are a great gift for grandparents who are turning towards the older age and tend to forget things. Our Dementia clocks are one of the greatest gifts that display the period of the day and thus reduce the confusion about the time. It also reduces your grandparent’s anxiety about missing important events and appointments. This helps your grandparents to stay safe and remember.

Cozy clothes

Cold can be a perennial problem among people who are slowly aging. You can help your loved one feel comfortable with a set of warm woolen clothes. Dementia can easily aggravate if a person is feeling cold and chilly, and this set of warm clothes will help stay warm, comfortable and relaxed as well. This will also help remove the mental blockage that may be caused due to Dementia. Choose from a line of stylish, comfortable and attractive looking clothes for the old.

Companion pets

Whether you believe it or not – Pets can be a great companion for the young as well as the old. Companion pups are one of the best gifts for people suffering from Dementia. These are robotic pus, which have batteries so that the stomach rises and falls as if the puppy is snoring. This can bring loads of smiles on your loved ones face and you can even stroke it, pat it and love it. This is one of the most affordable toys for aged people suffering from Dementia

Dementia Jigsaw puzzle

The Dementia Jigsaw puzzle can trigger happy memories and conversation with easy to hold pieces, which can be put together one by one. They are colorful puzzles with their own backing board and frame so that you can easily put back the pieces together. These puzzles are made with durable plastic so that they are hardy and last for a long period of time. You can choose from a wide range of puzzles of various shapes and sizes. You can also choose from Jigsaw puzzles with smaller numbers that are good for children as well.

These are some of the best gifts for people who are suffering from Dementia.

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 13.31.05

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Top 5 cars in Europe

Top 5 cars in Europe

Posted by on Jun 20, 2017 in cars |

The best selling cars in Europe are very easy to spot because wherever you go you may see a large numbers of cars in ay street where at least one from Fiesta, Corsa, Focus or Golf. Here are top five cars of Europe.

  • 2015 Porsche Boxster: This car has become a darling amongst those who admire its performance at a more affordable price. This car has open-air facility and the lighter chassis allows it to grip the road with great confidence, and two engine choices one is 2.7-liter, six-cylinder good for 265 horsepower and another is 3.4-liter six-cylinder rated at 315 and 330 horses which help to motivate the car with considerable aplomb. A six-speed manual transmission comes with this car, but if you want to get high hear changes, then a seven-speed PDK dual-clutch automated manual is also available with this model.


  • 2015 BMW Z4: The 2015 BMW Z4 is a good competitor of the Boxster, but in another way it delivers appealing features through different set of sports car to the buyers. It has a retractable hardtop and it can be thought of as more of a year-round option. Its suspension system is not only focused on all-out performance. Z4 is a very comfortable car that can deliver outstanding driving in any situation it warrants. Power option is also excellent in the new BMW Z4’s range with available engine options.


  • 2015 Ferrari 458 Italia: The new 2015 Ferrari 458 Italia is one of the latest hit machines which emerge from Maranello. This car is having high-revving, 562-horsepower 4.5-liter V-8 engine that is mounted to the rear of the driver. It has seven-speed, dual-clutch automated manual transmission transmits which has output to the back wheels, and the car is finely-tuned chassis which steps exactly where the driver tells it to do. From 0 to 60 mph speed arrives from a standing start within 3.4 seconds, which makes this machine one of the quickest automobiles on the planet.


  • 2015 Audi R8: The 2015 Audi R8 looks perfectly like an exotic European car, and it is able to deliver a high performance experience that matches with its body work. This Audi R8 has a rear-mounted engine and standard quattro all-wheel drive, which bless it with a superb grip and higher speeds. 391 lb-ft of torque can also be installed in the coupe to make it faster and more powerful.


  • 2015 Lamborghini Aventador: The 2015 Lamborghini Aventador is the kind of car which has a pair of wings and it is used most likely to catch flight while racing through the highway at its top speed of over 200 miles per hour. This car is designed with a fierce performance in mind, and this Lamborghini Aventador is not a lightly taken vehicle.



When it comes to about keeping your car in a most safe place where the maintenance can also be done in a well manner then Auto Vault Storage is the solution.


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Guide to Keeping Your Car in Showroom Condition

Guide to Keeping Your Car in Showroom Condition

Posted by on Jun 5, 2017 in cars |

Cars are not at all cheap, but there are few car care tasks that you can do to keep it in the showroom condition for as long as possible. We often wash our own cars or give it to a professional service center to take the dirt away from the inside and outside but that’s very often. Here are some tips by which you can get a new showroom looks of your car:

Car wax and polish

By applying car wax and polish you can easily restore a high quality shine and able to give your car that protective layer which encourages dirt and water to just run straight off. This dirt will not sit on the vehicle and stop leaving water marks everywhere.

Glass cleaner

A high quality glass cleaner is not only a great way to remove the tough stains but also makes your windows and windscreen crystal clear after first applies. Just spray it onto the inside and outside of the windows, and rub it thoroughly with a clean microfiber cloth. Your glass will look like new within no time.

Scratch remover

You can use a layer of scratch remover by rubbing it into the damaged area of your car. This will cover all the scratches by its layer.

Car seat covers

If you change your entire seat covers of the car it will naturally give a showroom looks. Whoops Wheel Fix It is the solution of all your car related issues. Just call them and fix one appointment.


Have an older, classic car that needs a little extra attention? Auto Vault specialises in keeping classic cars in mint condition within their facilities.


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