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5192a183f55c30e7b5229d91cbaf46fdI have always supported my child’s endeavours regardless of the nature to help him with his development. I constantly encourage him to try and learn new things. Though I was happy that my child excels academically I still urge him to engage in playground sports to help him develop his body from a young age. Aside from playground sports, he also enjoys music and arts. I could not ask for more than the development of my child. However, this year I’ve began to worry about my child’s development since he started joining a small league for football. I’m afraid that the time and effort demanded by this kind of playground sports can leave little to no time for my child to develop other areas.

I didn’t stop my child from joining the football team however, it still worries me so I ask some experts if engaging in playground sports especially in a league can have a positive or negative impact on my child’s development. One child development expert advised me that playground sports will not have a negative impact in the development of my child as long as there is sufficient time for him to develop other areas including his mind. On the other hand, playground sports especially team sports can help my child to develop his social skills. This is great news for me however one expert warned me that too much time spent on playground sports could hinder the child’s holistic development. This is a nightmare to any parent like me so I ask for tips on how to balance my child’s development without making him stop any playground sports, even the harmless one’s like the games involved with school playground markings.

As of now, my child continues to develop his mind, body and social aspects without any negative impact. I recommend to other parents to consult a child expert with regards to their children’s development. It will help them and their child greatly especially when it comes to assessing the current lifestyle of their child to help them achieve a great future.