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Women are conditioned to be nice and polite all the time. This is the reason why most women still feel guilty about some things even when it’s just normal circumstances. I’m sure there’s a lot more, but here are few which I could come up with right now.

Making More Money Than Your Partner

Women have gone a long way from not being sent to school and mastering household chores because we’re gonna get married anyway to finishing college, having successful career, and even earning more money than our husbands. It’s time to stop downgrading your achievements and paycheck just so you don’t hurt your date/boyfriend/husbands ego. We work hard just as much as they do, it’s only right to be proud of whatever we’ve achieved.Money-Woman_crop380w

Being Single

When everybody in your circle is in a relationship, being engaged, getting married or having babies, being single can make you feel out of place. But you have to remember that there is nothing wrong with enjoying your freedom longer than they do. Don’t feel small or pressured to settle down at a certain age or period.Single_Ladies_(Put_a_Ring_on_It)_screenshot

Eating Habits

Maybe you like eating your dessert first, don’t eat meat, obsessed with fast food, obsessed with a Kimbo Coffee or you eat too little or too much, the thing is you shouldn’t have to explain yourself to anybody much less feel sorry for it. As long as you’re not affecting their life with the way you eat, just eat as usual. Besides, since when did someone’s eating habits became anyone’s business?all

Being Addicted To Pamper Parties

Just like how you don’t question other’s way to unwind, you shouldn’t feel guilty about loving Glo Pamper Parties. Because you should be able to indulge in a couple of hours of mani and pedi, facial, massage and make-up session with your friends, when you’re tired, having a bad day, or when you want to. Because, why not?pamperparties2-1024x804

Saying No To Something Or Someone

You’re in no obligation to accept invitations/proposal, go with someone’s plan, or do someone a favor. Telling anyone no, doesn’t make you a bad person. It just means you’re not a pushover who just goes along with anything.images