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Inject Neon In Your Wardrobe In 10 Not-In-Your-Face Kind Of Way

Posted by on Apr 26, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Using Neon in your wardrobe sounds like a major no no, however if you do it right you can really pull off some great styles, we teamed up with DB3 ( to create this great top 10 list on how to pull off the Neon look.

  1. Sun Glasses

If you’re a fan of wearing sun glasses, opt for those with neon lenses. Not the ones with neon frames, otherwise you’ll look like a 5-year old kid.

  1. Accessories

If you have strict monochrome office uniform, make up for it with fun-colored bangles or even hair pins, coupled with a funky looking waist trainer. On this note, I came across several gorgeous waist trainers over at WaistTrainingCenter, you might want to have a look.

  1. Details In Your Top Or Bottom

Look for pieces with zippers or pockets that are in neon color. You don’t have to wear head to toe neon to come off as trendy.

  1. Bikini

You probably wear simple or formal attire every day for some reason, so neon would be unlikely. But during summer time and you’re at the beach, go as bright as you want with your bikini! It’ll be you’re only time you can be at your craziest with fashion, why not make the most out of it?

  1. Handbags

When it comes to bags, people are more willing to experiment and tolerate colors even in the most formal settings. So go ahead and buy that hot pink purse or yellow clutch.

  1. Lingerie

Who’s gonna see you’re wearing a hot red lace lingerie? No one right, the next time you’re shopping for lingerie let yourself indulge. Your SO will love it too.

  1. Shoes

While having the black and nude pumps is a must, it doesn’t mean it’s all you should wear and buy. You just need a flash of fluorescent to liven up your look; an orange-heeled Louboutin won’t hurt your corporate look.

  1. Jewelry

You want to look sharp yet interesting during your presentation? A sleek blazer always do the trick, but a pop of color from an emerald earing sure makes it better.

  1. Socks

You probably wear socks when playing sports or in bed to keep your feet warm, turn those mundane things into amusing times by ditching the plain white socks into neon ones.

  1. Prints

Simple clothes are great, but prints keep things from being too bland. Dress with cleverly placed neon prints? Even better.


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T-Shirt Personalisation: Gifts Your Kids Will Love That Are Not Toys

Posted by on Dec 4, 2015 in Children |


Don’t let your kids be one of those who don’t know what they’re good at or what they want to do in life. As early as possible encourage them to explore and figure out their interest by enrolling them at different kinds of classes. Whether they end up pursuing music, dance, art, or other field, know that in some way these classes help them learn and acquire some skills that will lead them to that line of work.

Personalised T-Shirts

Aside from the fact that kids love getting clothes as a gift anytime, especially if they don’t have many clothes, they love printed t-shirts from Print My Logo even more. Why? Because it gives them the feeling of being given extra effort that equates to attention and care which we all know kids dig. Plus point if you happen to nail a design they’re digging at the moment, then rest assured it’ll be their favorite shirt for quite a while.


Kids love going and seeing events especially of their friends and playmates have gone or seen it as well. So for his upcoming birthday or this Christmas why not treat him to a concert or play that you know he like and listen to him replay the event to his squad for days. Kids, too, love to brag about good things they get or experience.

Art And Crafts Materials

Art and crafts helps you kids learn and develop skills and traits that are handy when they get old, like patience, creativity, originality, and problem solving. Instead of another doll or sword, go for crayons, drawing books as a gift.

Games And Puzzles

Playtime is good for kids but it’ll be even better if they can exercise their minds while they’re at it. Aside from that, it gives them something nice to be busy about when they’re indoors instead of just letting them watch television.


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Cheaper Uniforms For Your Kids

Posted by on Nov 10, 2015 in Home |

9e7e69ac-8c58-421d-b8e9-c1b98e4bb90cIn todays schooling system there seems to be more and more emphasis placed on the uniform as oppose to actual education. Due to this uniform prices seem to have almost tripled and some of us cannot afford to pay it. It makes matters worse that children never keep their uniforms clean so it is almost not worth paying the price.

A trend that seems to be occurring a lot is embroidery. Uniforms now consist of shirts embroidered with the school’s logo. These uniforms however according to most school rules can only be bought by official stockists. It is almost as if the school itself has become a brand. This can be found a lot with the increasing commercialisationof the school system and the introduction of academies.

Though it can definitely be said that the school system is definitely costing us parents an arm and a leg I am here to bring good news, There is a way to get around having to buy the “official” school uniform. You can actually save a lot of money by design your own hoodie online –  with their offers on personalisation services you can simply just buy in bulk plain white shirts from a local shop and use their embroidery services for the school logo. In fact you can save so much money through this move that you may never have to buy a shirt again…at least not for a long while.

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Great Entertainment To Hire For Your Kids Birthday Party

Posted by on Nov 10, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Two Boys and a Girl (8-12) Blowing Out Candles on a Birthday Cake --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

When I was younger I remember birthday parties to be the best part of my childhood. Every child couldn’t wait to brag about what they had planned and who they were going to invite, in fact it almost became like a competition on who could have the best party. So as a parent I want all my child’s birthday parties to be memorable and fun, something that he can tell his friends about in years to come. If you’re reading this as apparent I’m sure you do to so here are a few tips:

Bouncy Castle

Bouncy castles are pretty much the traditional form of entertainment at a kid’s party. However just because it is traditional doesn’t make it any less fun. Children love to bounce about and jump high and even play games like IT. Bouncy castles have also evolved. Now you can get bouncy castle slides and even bouncy castle assault courses.6a00e55455c935883301310fa0ca0f970c

Rodeo Bull

For those that don’t know what a rodeo bull is it is a mechanical bull that you sit upon that moves about. The aim of a rodeo bull is to stay on as long as possible. And it is incredibly fun! Not only is it a challenge but once you fall off (you will fall off) it is fun. The mechanical bull is surrounded by a bouncy castle circle which makes it completely

A Photo Booth

A new trend at parties now is photo booth hire in Norfolk. Ordinarily sitting in a photo booth with your friends is somewhat fun but add props in to the mix and it is the perfect idea to keep your child’s guests entertained. The props allow the kids to let out their silly side and the photos are something the can keep to remember the day.MeboPhoto-Luke-Rosemarie-Wedding-Photobooth-110

Old School

Though parents are beginning to spend more and more on their child’s birthday you simply cannot beat the old school party games. Kids love to mess around with games like pass the parcel, musical chairs and of course musical statues and many more. The simplicity of it all is what makes the games so brilliant.DSCI3875.JPG.opt960x720o0,0s960x720

A magician

For younger children parents may even hire a performer like a magician. Though young children tend to have a short attention span they always seem so mesmerised by the magicians tricks. If anyone can captivate a birthday party it is a magician.Magic Mike Kids Party Magic Shows In Adelaide 2

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Transport For Your Childs Next School Trip

Posted by on Nov 9, 2015 in Uncategorized |

CGE 05168-33If you are an everyday parent it is guaranteed that you are somehow involved with the organisation of their school trips. When it comes to school trip planning somehow each parent seems to go power crazy over the task they have been assigned. Each parent competing to see who can complete their task the best and look like parent of the year. If you are the parent that received the task of organising the transport then I definitely have some tips for you.

Firstly never ever arrange for everyone to travel separately or make their own way there. This can always prove disastrous when it comes to organisation. There will always be that one parent and child that is late, gets lost or worse just decides not to come. For organisation purposes this can pretty much ruin the whole trip as rules often state that before the trip commences each student has to be there. Through eliminating this process altogether you have already excelled in the task of field trip transport.

Now you have decided that travelling together is the best option you have to pick your mode of transport. Though travelling by train is fast it is by far the most hectic form of transport. Travelling by train could mean a student getting lost, for the younger age groups this mode of transport is not ideal at all.

Travelling by coach always proves a great idea. It is easy to organise students before everyone gets on and off of the coach. You can assign teachers to each coach so there is a safe ration. Furthermore coaches have enough space to store any luggage that the teachers or students may want to bring with them. Though a coach is probably the best option if the size of the attendees is relatively small that is not the case. It could prove costly if you are only transporting a relatively small amount of students.

Alternatively for a smaller group of students instead of hiring such a large vehicle you can look into minibus hire from One Executive. A minibus works in a similar manner to a coach when it comes to organisation. The only difference is the size. It still makes sense however to travel together to prevent any loss and so that teachers can keep an eye on the students.

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Features Your Parent’s Dementia Clock Should Have

Posted by on Nov 7, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Dementia-Awareness-ImageWe never want to accept that our parents are getting old but we need to, after all it is us that will be taking care of them, combine that with looking after our children and our lives are down right busy. Choosing a dementia clock will be a difficult process, especially if you do not know what you should be looking for in a dementia clock! Clocks for dementia can have many different features, but some are unnecessary. However this checklist will help you identify the key features of dementia clocks, in order to find the perfect one for your elderly parent.

Time Indicator

The most basic feature of any clock is a time indicator. For dementia patients, time will be much better if displayed digitally as opposed to in analogue form, as they will find it easier to read digital. You should ensure that the numbers are large and bold, and that your parent will be able to read the time form across the room.

Day and Night Indicator

Basic clocks display whether it is morning or afternoon with a simple ‘AM’ or ‘PM’ feature. However, your parent may not understand this. Therefore, it will be very useful to them if you find a clock with a visual representation of day and night, such as a sun and a moon image. Therefore, your parent will be able to tell easily if it is daytime or night, and time for sleep.

Day of the Week

The clock should display the day of the week clearly to your parent, so that they can keep on top of any appointments or previous arrangements. By telling your parent what day it is, they know what to expect from the day, for example if they are expecting a guest on Wednesday, they will not have to worry all day about if they have the correct day.

Date Indicator

Your parent’s dementia clock should also portray the date, which is also important to help your elderly parent to behave accordingly and appropriately. By displaying the date, your parent will be able to identify if today is a special day, such as Christmas, and will understand what to expect from the day.


The clock may need to be moved around according to where your parent is situated. Therefore, you will want a portable and lightweight clock which can be placed anywhere in the house when needed.


Your parent’s native language may not be English, therefore it is vital to purchase a clock which communicates to them in their native language, to ensure their full understanding.

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