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Parenting means you have a busy life, besides school you really don’t get much time to yourself. When your kids are bored it makes it ten times worse. With this in mind it helps to give them a hobby. Hobbies are a great thing for a child because it teaches them to have passion. You never know their hobby may even become a career. One of the greatest hobbies a child can have is music. Music can do so much, it can help reduce stress and inspire creativity. Not just that but it will keep them occupied, once a child develops a passion for an instrument they don’t lose it. If you are struggling to find the right instrument for your son or daughter then here are a few suggestions:


One thing that can often make a child lose interest in an instrument is the style of music that it typically breeds. At a young age it is very difficult for a child to develop an interest in classical music. Therefore a guitar is a great instrument choice as it doesn’t fit within a particular music genre’s guidelines.Electric_guitar_477101105-1


For those children that seem to have an endless amount of energy drums could be the instrument for them. There is a common misconception with drums as an instrument. Most people believe that it does not require much skill but the truth is understanding drum sheet music can be difficult. Having rhythm is also natural and for those that struggle with hand eye coordination learning to play the drums is almost an impossible skill. With that in mind drums can be noisy, so investing in drum lessons with is a great idea.drums


Violin is the perfect instrument for those that pay attention to detail. Violin is a particularly difficult instrument to learn so getting lessons is probably your safest bet. But the great thing with the violin as an instrument is that it produces such soft and dramatic music that it is almost impossible to be impressed with.7033387-violin


Piano requires an extreme level of skill but once your child has conquered it as an instrument they can conquer almost any instrument. Piano is the gateway to reading sheet music, and a great way to teach your child about pitch, rhythm and every other skill that music has to offer.London-Piano-teacher