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Since when did family bonding equate to being together in one room yet each member of the family is busy holding their gadgets and posting on social media or playing online games? Don’t let the kids grow up in this kind of “Family Bonding” get out and enjoy these activities instead!

Visit A Fire Station

For those kids who love toy trucks or playing fire fighter, why not turn their imagination into a real life adventure? Get in touch with your local fire station and arrange a tour for kids, and have them see what it is really like to be a hero.IMG_2632_2194

Go Camping

Kids these days only get down and dirty playing online games. Make them appreciate nature and experience it for real by going on a camping trip or going on trips with their friends. They’ll learn life-saving skills, get in touch with nature, and make them see the world in a much bigger picture than what the internet could ever offer.young-family-camping

Try Bubble Football

Wanna be sporty with your kids without the competitive feel of it? Click here and try bubble football! It’s practically just the same as the original football, but less strict, less competitive, and less serious. It’s all about playing on the field, having fun, and bumping into each other like kids without getting hurt. If you haven’t heard about bubble football before, why not try it this weekend with the whole family and see what kind of fun you’ve been missing out on lately.bubble-football

Get Cooking

In the instant noodles and micro waved foods generation, it’s been the norm that kids no longer know how to cook. Don’t let your kids grow up without this essential life skill. As early as today, get them into cooking by teaching them or making your Sunday cooking session into a bonding session. This way, not only that your kid learns to cook, he or she also sees it as a fun activity rather than a laborious task.baking_family

Learn A New Skill With Your Child

We keep persuading our kids to put those gadgets down and learn some skills instead. Well, they will be more likely to obey if you go and try to learn new skills with them. Kids seeing you trying new things, struggling as you learn will motivate them to actually enjoy the activity rather than feel forced into