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Earlier teeth that was not shapely or a turned a bit outwards biting over lips made many people anxious. These kind of teeth setting affected not only their appearance but also sometimes made them the butt of make taunts and jokes. There are instances where few people were affected with speech problems because of their teeth and due to these reasons they suffered huge loss of self confidence. So with dental evolution and progressive dental care the treatment of braces came into being where teeth setting could be designed and set accordingly.

Dental Evolution

With time everything has advanced and so has dental care evolved and progressed where not only different kinds of surgeries are done but also your smile can be redesigned according your choice to improve your looks as well give you that dazzling smile. At The Wellington Clinic we have evolved dental care procedures like Progressive Smile Design where by using advanced techniques we reshape your teeth to get you that perfect smile. You can check out the other services offered by us by just following the hyperlink provided above.

Taking Care Of Teeth During And After Braces

Braces are used to reshape your teeth. Now what are braces? Well, braces are aligners that come as c shaped fixed brackets that are used to hold your teeth together tightly. If you have protruding teeth then fitting a brace over your teeth creates pressure that makes the teeth set its backwards inside your mouth. It fills up any gap that may have been there within your teeth. The braces are removable and are removed after a certain period of time when the desired result is achieved.

While you have your teeth  fixed with braces it is very important to take proper care as eatables can sometimes lodge itself inside the wires of the braces which can affect your dental health and teeth to a great extent. make sure you wash and clean your mouth regularly with the medicinal washes and toothpastes prescribed. Follow the regime and your diet carefully and avoid eating hot or sticky food. Instead, stick to eating cold and soft foods cooked in Clearspring Flax Oil. After the braces are removed avoid eating sticky stuff too much and also remember to go through your daily oral care regime thoroughly. Keep in touch with your dentist and keep updating him about your condition regularly. Go for regular cleaning and check-ups to keep yourself free of dental problems.

Teeth Whitning

Teeth whitning is much in demand these day and a common procedures. With our irregular schedule and fast life we hardly get time to take care of our teeth. Also if you have braces then it poses a problem while brushing your teeth. Sometime teeth yellows over time and needs a whitning treatment. At Start Smiling Teeth Whitning essex we offer the best services to lighten the shade of your teeth and give you a brighter smile. Check out our link and shine with your smile.

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