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Whether you already own a cat and planning to get a dog as well, you have to plan for the initial introduction. Cats and dogs are known to lead a harmonious living together, but you simply cannot let them both loose and leave up to them for the mingling. As a pet owner, you have to plan out things properly before introducing both the animals to each other.

Find a dog with the same personality as your cat

While planning to have a new dog for your cat, you have to at the very start search for a dog that has similar or matching personality with the cat. In fact, it will be advantageous if you get hold of a dog that has been previously been exposed to other species of animals. This can make things easier and simpler for you.

 The proper meeting location is mandatory

A proper location must be chosen for the first meeting between your cat and the new dog. When you visit a shelter home or rescue home for adopting a dog, it is suggested that you should not carry your cat along with you. The meeting should not be in a place where there are several other animals and the ambience is noisy and chaotic. Instead, choose a more private place like your home for the first introduction.

The initial days’ meeting should be under your supervision

For the first few days, make sure that your dog and your cat are at the same room at the same time under your supervision. Make sure that the dog is securely leashed because he/she might be aggressive in the initial days as everything is new for the dog. Continue with this style of introduction between the two until you find the dog and the cat calm enough to bear each other’s company without any hesitation. If you are interested in dealing with pets please contact equine jobs from Vet Times.

Let the cat get adjusted to the new environment with the dog inside the house

The very first reaction of your cat will be to run away or hide. This is perfectly normal. Don’t force things on the cat. Even the cat will require some time to get adjusted to the fact that there is yet another species in the same house, getting equal attention, love and care from you. Let the cat run away or hide till the time he/she is comfortable enough to come in front of the dog and start playing.

Proceed with care and caution

Once you find that both the animals are comfortable with each other, you have to proceed to the next step. But make sure that you do it with absolute caution. If find that there are problems when both are allowed to mingle unleashed, you need to take your step back and practice the initial days of the introduction process. You have to keep your patience because introducing two different species will take some time.

Keep the above tips in mind while you plan to introduce your cat to a new dog. It is a long process and cannot be executed overnight.