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Cars are not at all cheap, but there are few car care tasks that you can do to keep it in the showroom condition for as long as possible. Wether you use your car often or just for the school run to Cognita schools and back, our cars get dirty very easily. We often wash our own cars or give it to a professional service center to take the dirt away from the inside and outside but that’s very often. Here are some tips by which you can get a new showroom looks of your car:

Car wax and polish

By applying car wax and polish you can easily restore a high quality shine and able to give your car that protective layer which encourages dirt and water to just run straight off. This dirt will not sit on the vehicle and stop leaving water marks everywhere.

Glass cleaner

A high quality glass cleaner is not only a great way to remove the tough stains but also makes your windows and windscreen crystal clear after first applies. Just spray it onto the inside and outside of the windows, and rub it thoroughly with a clean microfiber cloth. Your glass will look like new within no time.

Scratch remover

You can use a layer of scratch remover by rubbing it into the damaged area of your car. This will cover all the scratches by its layer.

Car seat covers

If you change your entire seat covers of the car it will naturally give a showroom looks. Whoops Wheel Fix It is the solution of all your car related issues. Just call them and fix one appointment.


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