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Two Boys and a Girl (8-12) Blowing Out Candles on a Birthday Cake --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

When I was younger I remember birthday parties to be the best part of my childhood. Every child couldn’t wait to brag about what they had planned and who they were going to invite, in fact it almost became like a competition on who could have the best party. So as a parent I want all my child’s birthday parties to be memorable and fun, something that he can tell his friends about in years to come. If you’re reading this as apparent I’m sure you do to so here are a few tips:

Bouncy Castle

Bouncy castles are pretty much the traditional form of entertainment at a kid’s party. However just because it is traditional doesn’t make it any less fun. Children love to bounce about and jump high and even play games like IT. Bouncy castles have also evolved. Now you can get bouncy castle slides and even bouncy castle assault courses.6a00e55455c935883301310fa0ca0f970c

Rodeo Bull

For those that don’t know what a rodeo bull is it is a mechanical bull that you sit upon that moves about. The aim of a rodeo bull is to stay on as long as possible. And it is incredibly fun! Not only is it a challenge but once you fall off (you will fall off) it is fun. The mechanical bull is surrounded by a bouncy castle circle which makes it completely safe. You could place this beside your Capitall Marquee which would have all the food and drink ready to be devoured by the kids. rodeo-bull-4

A Photo Booth

A new trend at parties now is photo booth hire in Norfolk. Ordinarily sitting in a photo booth with your friends is somewhat fun but add props in to the mix and it is the perfect idea to keep your child’s guests entertained. The props allow the kids to let out their silly side and the photos are something the can keep to remember the day.MeboPhoto-Luke-Rosemarie-Wedding-Photobooth-110

Old School

Though parents are beginning to spend more and more on their child’s birthday you simply cannot beat the old school party games. Kids love to mess around with games like pass the parcel, musical chairs and of course musical statues and many more. The simplicity of it all is what makes the games so brilliant.DSCI3875.JPG.opt960x720o0,0s960x720

A magician

For younger children parents may even hire a performer like a magician. Though young children tend to have a short attention span they always seem so mesmerised by the magicians tricks. If anyone can captivate a birthday party it is a magician.Magic Mike Kids Party Magic Shows In Adelaide 2