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Have A Gadget/Internet Day Off

Sometimes, we feel overwhelmed because we try to be always updated with what’s going on with everybody we know through social media. Aside from that, we tend to compare our lives with the media’s standard of “perfect” which only makes us more pressured and frustrated. So free yourself from those by not being online or glued to your gadget even for a day.Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 16.20.37

Hit The Sack

When you feel stuck and stressed out, sleep helps you escape. Sneak an hour or two of shut eye and you’ll instantly feel like you’ve escaped reality for those couple of hours that you were unconscious. How? Well, life goes on during the hours you were asleep but you weren’t even aware because you were snoring those times away.  tired-meme

Get Lost In A Good Book

When you read a book and really give your full attention to it, you can’t help but feel like you’re inside it. It’s like being transported into another place or time by simply letting the story run in your head. It’s like a temporary escape from your own life by being absorbed in a fictional one.reading-oncosec

Have A Cup Of Coffee

There is something about the ambiance in a mobile coffee bar that just gives you the feeling of being detached to everyone and everything else. But even a small corner in your house that you find comfortable, can give you that same feeling as long as you relish the aroma and taste with every

Plan A Holiday

Just by planning a long and laid back vacation, your brain gives your entire body the same sensation that you will feel when you actually go. Our brain is a powerful tool; it can trick our body into feeling what you’re simply imagining. Though it will never beat the real experience, still it can grant you the escape that you are craving for.  holiday-mood