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picnicIt may be coming up to the winter months and getting pretty hectic but the truth is as a parent when is it not hectic? A parent needs to always be prepared and have activities to do during any season and no surprises that picnics are one of the favourites. So here are a few tips to plan the perfect family picnic.

There must always be sandwiches

Although kids may say they hate sandwiches. What they really hate is packed lunches. Sandwiches suddenly become a lot more exciting when you’re having a picnic. But always make sure you know what they like, after all kids can be fussy.pressed-sandwich


Don’t forget treats. The exciting thing about a picnic will always be what sweet treats show up in the picnic basket. There always needs to be more treats than healthy food too, that is if you want them to even attempt to eat some fruit and veg.Sweet-Treats-–-Perfect-Picnic-Guide

Packaging Makes Everything

Like disguising healthy food packaging makes everything better. Children tend to be tricky when it comes to drinking so make all your squashes look store bought and fancy by investing in bottle packaging.tripleBottleGreyBig

Healthy Food

As a parent we always worry about what our children are eating and how to get them to eat right. There is a trick how to get them eating the right diet and that is to trick them. Make your healthy food look interesting and they just might try it.a703a8f1310f76f836a89cbca2daa6ef