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Men Fashion Alert: The Tips in Wearing Short this Summer

Men Fashion Alert: The Tips in Wearing Short this Summer

Posted by on May 31, 2016 in Parenting Style |

A pair of short is an inevitable part of anyone’s wardrobe this summer.  Since summer means warmer days, then this could be a good way to freshen and lighten up. However, there are some dos and don’ts to be considered so that men will have proper guidance in becoming stylish and fab this season. This article will teach you some lessons on how to Stand Out, use your shorts and where to match it.

  1. Consider the length.

Length is really a factor to consider when wearing shorts so you need to get it right. The most ideal short measurement to wear is an inch or two above the knee.

Here are some quick guidelines:

  • Tall men should go with shorts with above the knee length. This is to put a good balance to their long proportions. If a man has thin legs, it is advices to add a couple of folds in the hem so that the legs would seem to have a natural bulk.
  • For short men, they should never wear a short which is beyond knee length. If possible they should wear 2-4 inches above the knee so that their legs could have longer appearance.
  • If you have muscular and good legs, then you should flaunt it. Yet, take good caution of the shorter length. Fashion experts say that men with good legs could wear longer lengths. Do not fold or roll the hems if your legs have large frames.


  1. Choose a short with good fabric.

Because summer have warmer days, you need also to consider the type of material your shorts are made of. Keep it as cool and light as possible. The thicker the material, the more it will absorb heat. Avoid them to keep yourself comfortable.


  1. Test your shorts.

Another key to pick a good short this summer is, it should fit you very well. Fitting is a good way to check if your short really looks good on you. Some men fail to do this when purchasing their leg wear. Remember, a slim short is good but as temperature rises, this could cause inconvenience. Pick a fit that would not give you the feeling of fear of tearing your shorts. Summer is your time to move and be active. Don’t miss the fun of getting the wrong fit.


  1. Do not spend too much bucks on them.

Fashion would boost your confidence by making you look good. However, it does not follow that you spend a lot on them. Consider the price of the short you are going to purchase. Make sure it does not hurt your pocket. You can also try improvising. You can make your own shirt by cutting the trousers or denims which you do not use anymore. Give it a try and save up!


  1. Mix and match shorts with blazers.

The short and suit is a perfect combo. This adds a daring stylish fashion statement in summer. As a good tip, match the colour of your shorts to your jacket by embracing a contrast. Wear the combination with confidence to make you look hotter than the sun.

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The Power of Parenting

Posted by on Aug 31, 2015 in Children Mindset, Parenting Style |

In general, parenting is raising a child from the biological relationship, supporting the physical, emotion, social, financial and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood. Many things are considered when it comes to parenting. Factors are detrimental to the growth of the child, and life situations are the epitome of the “good-enough parenting” description in research of many scientist. But what is parenting really about? What are these factors that affect parenting? What is the basic skill that a parent should have? And, how do you exactly practice parenting.

Parenting can be done by many, and is a continuous profession in life. The most common caretaker in parenting is the biological parents. In many research, the influence of a biological parent can determine the attitude of a child. Their presence is heavily influences the mindset of a child, that is why it is detrimental to a child to have a connection with his, or her, biological parents.

legal guardianIn the absence of the biological family, a legal guardian comes in. Legal guardians can be grandparents, the aunts and uncles, other family members, or family friends. Legal guardians comes in, when, a parent cannot be physically present in the time of the child minority stages. In complete absence, such as death, the legal guardian will have the duty to raise the child and have the right to have full custody. Thus, any form of care by the legal guardian will, and must be, for the betterment of the child. Thus, the title of parent is one thing, but upholding it is another.

Although culture shows soon to be parents on how to raise children, it is only one of several factors that affect parenting. Social class, wealth and income are the other factors of parenting. It shows the capabilities, opportunities, and chances of parents to give a better future in their child’s upbringing.

Around the world, parenting has many styles, and skills vary from one culture to another. Some applies high level of demands, rigid and strict rules, and rigid obedience; while some have medium level of demands, responsiveness, positive reinforcement and infrequent use of punishment. Some spoil their children and have a high regard for their freedom and autonomy, while some are emotionally and physically absent with minimal communication.

upbringing of childrenRegardless of these styles, a parent must always uphold proper communication and a give and take decisions for children, to have a positive feedback from them. People practicing parenting reflect the cultural understanding of children. For example, a parent in a conservative upbringing tends to have low regards on freedom and imprints culture heavily on the mindset of the child; while parents in a more individualistic upbringing, teaches the child to be independent and to recognize one self in a mirror test. Due to different upbringing, it show the parallel ways of a child growing up, and the upbringing can become a factor of the personality of a child as it grows up to adulthood.

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