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Which jobs do I need a DBS check for?

Which jobs do I need a DBS check for?

Posted by on Dec 14, 2017 in Children, Info, Parenting Style |

While looking for your dream job, you might be asked more than just your job application. In case, your job involves children, senior citizens, and vulnerable adults, you need to undergo a DBS check. A DBS check is a lot like a compliance check from Pragmatic Compliance, however, instead of the check being for a company it’s for you as a potential employee. Its a checkconfirms to the fact that you are an eligible candidate for the job. A DBS checking service not only helps your employer to recognize you as the ideal candidate, but it is also a legal obligation for certain jobs.

What is DBS check all about?

Before you go into the details of whether you require a DBS check or not, it is essential to understand what DBS check is all about. DBS or the Disclosure and Barring Service is a public body that carries out strict evaluation and examination of a candidate’s complete background to ensure that there are no criminal records and convictions against him/her. The whole process is carried out by the Disclosure and barring Service.

Your eligibility for the particular job depends upon the information shown in DBS check

Such a criminal record checking is a mandatory element for several jobs, especially for those applying for work involving the children, senior citizen and vulnerable adults. The information attained from the DBS check becomes the ultimate point to recognize the suitability or an eligibility of a particular candidate for the job role. In case, you want to adopt or foster a child, you have to undergo the Disclosure and Barring Service check as well.

When are you in need of a DBS check?

In case, you are applying for a certain type of job role, you will be demanded for a DBS check. In fact, the companies and organizations can also ask for the Disclosure and Barring Service check from the job applicants, volunteers and employees as well. When your job demands you to work with children, vulnerable adults and senior citizens, you are legally bound to execute a DBS check. Some of the professions that require a DBS check include:

  • Child carer or child minder
  • Teacher (Such as a Cognita School)
  • Sport coaches and trainers
  • Healthcare or medical professionals
  • Foster or adopted children carer
  • Social worker

When you are working in a specific environment like hospitals, schools, children’s homes, old age homes etc., a DBS check is a must. In fact, there are certain other professions as well that requires a DBS check. The professions include:

  • Accountants
  • Barristers
  • Solicitors

If your DBS check result is positive without any criminal records, you will be considered eligible for the said job role and hence will be employed or hired.

What is the expiry date of a DBS check?

 Now, the question is for how long a DBS check can last. Is there any expiry date? The good news is that there is no expiry of a DBS check. In case, there is any update of information submitted in respect to your job, a new DBS check will be carried out for the new information. You basically need the DBS update service for such things.

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What is liquid Co2 and what can it be used for

What is liquid Co2 and what can it be used for

Posted by on Oct 12, 2017 in Info |

Liquid carbon dioxide can be recovered from an assortment of sources like ammonia and hydrogen plants as the form of purified and liquefied forms. It is delivered to customers in the liquefied form for a number of applications and uses.

How is liquid CO2 made?

Carbon dioxide is a very interesting gas where it freezes directly from the gaseous state to the solid state at normal atmospheric pressure and this bypasses the liquid phase completely. CO2 becomes dry ice at –109.3 degrees Fahrenheit. CO2 can however be liquefied if the pressure is increased on it to 5.1 atmospheres which is around 75 pounds per square inch and kept to below -59 degrees Fahrenheit. This condition is known as triple point where the. Liquid CO2 needs to be stored really well by experienced manufacturers. This can easily be CO2 gas that exists in solid, liquid and gaseous state altogether e made at home though CO2 gas will remain in the liquid state for a few seconds only.

  • Buy some dry ice from grocery stores like Walmart. This can be kept in the cooler to keep frozen
  • Open the ice pack and remove some chunk of ice. Always ensure to wear goggles and rubber gloves for safety
  • Hammer the chunks into small ice pieces
  • Cut the narrow portion at the end with a scissor so that there is a large opening and scoop some crushed ice
  • Stitch back the open portion and plunge it into a tub of warm water
  • The plastic bulb will expand and the frozen CO2 will thaw. The CO2 would slowly take the form of liquid CO2 after which some would again be converted to the solid state. The rest will become gas.

What are the features of liquefied CO2 gas?

Carbon dioxide is stored in a liquid form for use in high volume customer applications. They are stored in specialized vessels that can be used for several days in either the liquid form or the gas form. Liquid carbon dioxide is available in a variety of concentrations and purities.

  • Liquid CO2 is available in refrigerated liquefied gas form
  • The boiling point of this gas is 78.50 degrees Celsius
  • The gaseous form of this gas is heavier than air
  • The gas is colourless and odourless
  • Liquid CO2 is stable under normal conditions

Can CO2 exist is liquid form?

Carbon dioxide can exist in three states- Solid, Liquid and gaseous forms. If this is compressed and cooled to proper temperature the gas tends to liquefy well which can again change back to its gaseous state.

What is liquid CO2 used for?

Gas plants usually produce Co2 in two major forms- the solid form and the liquid form. The solid form is known as dry ice and is used in the refrigeration industry as well and the gaseous form is used to extinguish fire, and make soft drinks.

There are various uses of liquid CO2 gas.

  • Liquid Co2 is known to be a good dissolving agent for various organic compounds. It can also be used to remove caffeine from coffee.
  • Carbon dioxide in the solid and liquid form is used for refrigeration and cooling purposes. It is also used as an inert gas in various chemical processes as well as in the storage of carbon powder as well as in fire extinguishers


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How to introduce your new dog to your cat?

How to introduce your new dog to your cat?

Posted by on Oct 2, 2017 in Info |

Whether you already own a cat and planning to get a dog as well, you have to plan for the initial introduction. Cats and dogs are known to lead a harmonious living together, but you simply cannot let them both loose and leave up to them for the mingling. As a pet owner, you have to plan out things properly before introducing both the animals to each other.

Find a dog with the same personality as your cat

While planning to have a new dog for your cat, you have to at the very start search for a dog that has similar or matching personality with the cat. In fact, it will be advantageous if you get hold of a dog that has been previously been exposed to other species of animals. This can make things easier and simpler for you.

 The proper meeting location is mandatory

A proper location must be chosen for the first meeting between your cat and the new dog. When you visit a shelter home or rescue home for adopting a dog, it is suggested that you should not carry your cat along with you. The meeting should not be in a place where there are several other animals and the ambience is noisy and chaotic. Instead, choose a more private place like your home for the first introduction.

The initial days’ meeting should be under your supervision

For the first few days, make sure that your dog and your cat are at the same room at the same time under your supervision. Make sure that the dog is securely leashed because he/she might be aggressive in the initial days as everything is new for the dog. Continue with this style of introduction between the two until you find the dog and the cat calm enough to bear each other’s company without any hesitation. If you are interested in dealing with pets please contact equine jobs from Vet Times.

Let the cat get adjusted to the new environment with the dog inside the house

The very first reaction of your cat will be to run away or hide. This is perfectly normal. Don’t force things on the cat. Even the cat will require some time to get adjusted to the fact that there is yet another species in the same house, getting equal attention, love and care from you. Let the cat run away or hide till the time he/she is comfortable enough to come in front of the dog and start playing.

Proceed with care and caution

Once you find that both the animals are comfortable with each other, you have to proceed to the next step. But make sure that you do it with absolute caution. If find that there are problems when both are allowed to mingle unleashed, you need to take your step back and practice the initial days of the introduction process. You have to keep your patience because introducing two different species will take some time.

Keep the above tips in mind while you plan to introduce your cat to a new dog. It is a long process and cannot be executed overnight.


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Top 5 Gifts for Dementia Sufferers

Top 5 Gifts for Dementia Sufferers

Posted by on Jul 11, 2017 in Info, Uncategorized |

Choosing gifts for people with Dementia or Alzheimer’s can be a great challenge and it is not as easy as thought. You really need to think hard before you buy gifts for a dementia sufferer. Here are top 5 gifts that you can gift to people suffering from Dementia. We haven’t included this in the list, but we always recommend taking sufferers to a care agency in London. There’s nothing better.

The Call to mind Conversation Game

This is one of the most unique games specially designed for people suffering from Dementia. This is the world’s first Dementia board game that can help spark a conversation and connect between loved ones. This helps a person to recall memory and stimulate conversation with the opposite side. This is a brilliant game that is adapted for Dementia sufferers and is best used in the early to the middle stages of Dementia. Playing the game also helps in exercising of the mind, brain, hand movement and speech as well.

The Day Clock

Now what are Dementia clocks? Dementia clocks are a great gift for grandparents who are turning towards the older age and tend to forget things. Our Dementia clocks are one of the greatest gifts that display the period of the day and thus reduce the confusion about the time. It also reduces your grandparent’s anxiety about missing important events and appointments. This helps your grandparents to stay safe and remember.

Cozy clothes

Cold can be a perennial problem among people who are slowly aging. You can help your loved one feel comfortable with a set of warm woolen clothes. Dementia can easily aggravate if a person is feeling cold and chilly, and this set of warm clothes will help stay warm, comfortable and relaxed as well. This will also help remove the mental blockage that may be caused due to Dementia. Choose from a line of stylish, comfortable and attractive looking clothes for the old.

Companion pets

Whether you believe it or not – Pets can be a great companion for the young as well as the old. Companion pups are one of the best gifts for people suffering from Dementia. These are robotic pus, which have batteries so that the stomach rises and falls as if the puppy is snoring. This can bring loads of smiles on your loved ones face and you can even stroke it, pat it and love it. This is one of the most affordable toys for aged people suffering from Dementia

Dementia Jigsaw puzzle

The Dementia Jigsaw puzzle can trigger happy memories and conversation with easy to hold pieces, which can be put together one by one. They are colorful puzzles with their own backing board and frame so that you can easily put back the pieces together. These puzzles are made with durable plastic so that they are hardy and last for a long period of time. You can choose from a wide range of puzzles of various shapes and sizes. You can also choose from Jigsaw puzzles with smaller numbers that are good for children as well.

These are some of the best gifts for people who are suffering from Dementia. If you need some more ideas, check out Tabethas Touch personalised sweet bags. They offer great treats and they are personalised to fit anyone you want!

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The top 5 budget wines on the market

The top 5 budget wines on the market

Posted by on May 13, 2017 in Home, Info |

If you are a wine lover, there are numerous options available to you for consumption. But if you are looking for the most affordable wines in the market, you can find many. Consuming affordable wine can help you get a lot of wine within your budget.

In most of the cases, if you consume wine, there are two options available. Either you pay more and go for a superior quality wine, or you pay less and compromise with quality to accommodate it within your budget. But there are a number of superior wine brands, which you can get within a very tight budget, and if you pay a few pennies more, you can also organize a wine party with the most affordable wines that are available. You can find a number of wine brands in the liquor shops, and there are a number of wine brands, which a lot of customers do not go for, as they are not that popular among wine lovers. But that doesn’t mean, such brands compromise on quality, in any way. Here are the top 5 wines, which you can get within budget, and to find the complete list, you can Twelve by seventy five, where you can find more such brands.

Chapel Down Flint Dry 2014

If you are fond of consuming wine, while you have your dinner, Chapel Down Flint Dry 2014 is the wine, which you should go for. The price of the wine is not too high, which means, it is the best within budget, if you have the having if consuming wine every night.

Catena Barrel Fermented Chardonnay 2014

Catena Barrel Fermented Chardonnay 2014 is another great wine, one of the Twelve By Seventy Five favourite wines which you can get at tight budget. It is a wine made from fruits, which is another big reason behind the wonderful taste.

Domaine Parisse Pouilly-Vinzelles 2012

If you cannot spend a single night without wine, and you want to save some money, even after consuming wine, just go for the Domaine Parisse Pouilly-Vinzelles 2012. A lot of wine lovers consume it because of the perfect balance between the price and the taste.

Aemilia Shiraz Vranec Petit Verdot 2015

If you are looking for the best wine within your budget, just go for Aemilia Shiraz Vranec Petit Verdot 2015. It is one of the latest wines, made for those who want to spend less, but taste the best wine out there.

Valderroa Mencia 2012

Valderroa Mencia 2012 is the wine for those wine lovers, who want to enjoy wine with the closest pals. Though, a little expensive, but it is the best wine to be enjoyed along with your best friends.


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What actually is a drama school?

What actually is a drama school?

Posted by on Nov 14, 2016 in Info |

There are people out there that have heard of drama schools but are not quite sure about what they are. Some people think that it is just an expression for a school that is extremely turbulent, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. Actually, a drama school is a school in which the students learn how to properly act as well as learn all the necessary tricks about the acting profession. But hardly an official definition of a drama school. So, what actually is a drama school?

You see, a drama school does not have to be a separate entity; it can also be a part of a university. Of course, that is not a common practice, but a lot of respected stage schools in London work in such manner, and a great example of that is the Yale College that has its own Yale Drama School which has been the place from which a lot of famous actors have emerged.

However, this does not automaticaly mean that the drama schools need to be a part of something bigger. There are also some rather good independent drama schools. In fact, the independent ones are some of the most accredited ones in the United Kingdom. These schools have are based in separate buildings that they own an in which they organise their classes.

Basically, this means that it does not matter what type of a drama school it is, the most important thing is that these schools have their validations which is being issued by universities in order to be able to issue degrees to the students who finish them. This means that these educational institutions are below the level of universities. And when it comes to the degrees issued by the drama schools, it should be said that there are both graduate and undergraduate programs. The degrees can be Batchelor’s and Masters’ degrees, including the degrees in fine arts or arts and science.

Some people believe that there really is no need for actors to get an education because almost everyone can act. Well, this really is not true, and the drama schools can bring about many benefits to the students. For example, a degree gotten at a drama school can be one of the most valuable ones in performing arts, even as valuable as the grades you can get in a high porfile schools such as Cognita. Also, these kinds of schools offer great training for actors, but not only them. After all, acting is not just giving hot expressions while standing under a steamy shower head.

Another benefit of a drama school is the fact that the student could meet some of the biggest manes in the business and make great connections when it comes to casting directors. Benefits include an increased chance of catching an eye of a great talent agent, and most importantly, the biggest benefit is the fact that the casting directors prefer educated actors.

So, now you know all there is to know about the drama school. You know how they are organised, what kind of degrees and classes they offer, and why people that are interested in acting should really consider getting enrolled in one of these schools. They can help them in their career as well as in their acting abilities.

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