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Which jobs do I need a DBS check for?

Which jobs do I need a DBS check for?

Posted by on Dec 14, 2017 in Children, Info, Parenting Style |

While looking for your dream job, you might be asked more than just your job application. In case, your job involves children, senior citizens, and vulnerable adults, you need to undergo a DBS check. A DBS check is a lot like a compliance check from Pragmatic Compliance, however, instead of the check being for a company it’s for you as a potential employee. Its a checkconfirms to the fact that you are an eligible candidate for the job. A DBS checking service not only helps your employer to recognize you as the ideal candidate, but it is also a legal obligation for certain jobs.

What is DBS check all about?

Before you go into the details of whether you require a DBS check or not, it is essential to understand what DBS check is all about. DBS or the Disclosure and Barring Service is a public body that carries out strict evaluation and examination of a candidate’s complete background to ensure that there are no criminal records and convictions against him/her. The whole process is carried out by the Disclosure and barring Service.

Your eligibility for the particular job depends upon the information shown in DBS check

Such a criminal record checking is a mandatory element for several jobs, especially for those applying for work involving the children, senior citizen and vulnerable adults. The information attained from the DBS check becomes the ultimate point to recognize the suitability or an eligibility of a particular candidate for the job role. In case, you want to adopt or foster a child, you have to undergo the Disclosure and Barring Service check as well.

When are you in need of a DBS check?

In case, you are applying for a certain type of job role, you will be demanded for a DBS check. In fact, the companies and organizations can also ask for the Disclosure and Barring Service check from the job applicants, volunteers and employees as well. When your job demands you to work with children, vulnerable adults and senior citizens, you are legally bound to execute a DBS check. Some of the professions that require a DBS check include:

  • Child carer or child minder
  • Teacher (Such as a Cognita School)
  • Sport coaches and trainers
  • Healthcare or medical professionals
  • Foster or adopted children carer
  • Social worker

When you are working in a specific environment like hospitals, schools, children’s homes, old age homes etc., a DBS check is a must. In fact, there are certain other professions as well that requires a DBS check. The professions include:

  • Accountants
  • Barristers
  • Solicitors

If your DBS check result is positive without any criminal records, you will be considered eligible for the said job role and hence will be employed or hired.

What is the expiry date of a DBS check?

 Now, the question is for how long a DBS check can last. Is there any expiry date? The good news is that there is no expiry of a DBS check. In case, there is any update of information submitted in respect to your job, a new DBS check will be carried out for the new information. You basically need the DBS update service for such things.

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Top gifts for your teenager

Top gifts for your teenager

Posted by on May 20, 2017 in Children, Parenting Style |

Does your teenager have everything that he desires? Would you like to gift him/ her something that he/ she would love to have and never ever dreamt of? Read this articles for a wide assortment of gift ideas that you can gift your loved ones with.

A gift for someone you love

Gifts are always one of the best ways to express your love for someone. If you have a teenage child at home and his birthday is in the near future then there are various gifts, then you can gift your loved one. There are various gifts for girls as well as boys that you can try out for this year.

Gifts for teenage girls

It is really easy to find gifts for teenage girls you can try out some gifts, like cosmetics like light make up, lip gloss and lipsticks, sweet fragrances, flavored lip smackers, blushers, eye make up nail polishes and more. If your little princess does not like makeup, then you can try out an assortment of dresses and apparels that she may like. There are a variety of designer dresses and shoes that she might love to wear. If it’s for a really special occcation then there is always the option to get her some jewellery from Berganza. With a wide range of jewellery for you to choose from, you are bound to find the perfect piece of jewellery for her.

Gifts for your bookworm

There are gifts for your bookworm girl as well. Try out different kinds of books that you know she loves to read. If your girl has long hair, you can try out a number of hair accessories as well for her.

Gifts for teenage boys

Your teenage boy is slowly turning into a man and he would like to balance his gifts. Try out various kinds of different books for him. If he likes electronic gadgets, you can gift him his first iPod, or iPhone or even music and movie CDs and DVDs with a DVD player. If you have a limited budget, you can gift him apparels, a watch, perfume or shoes. If your son is interested in fishing, then a great present for them would be some fishing bait by cc moore from Total Fishing Tackle. Are you thinking of the higher range? Then try out the Xbox games that are a little pricey. You can also try out sports goods at a great price. These are also great gifts for men that your teenager would love to have.

Gifts for boys as well as girls
Both Teenage boys as well as girls love reading. Try buying them their favorite books. You can also decorate their bedroom with different bedroom themes for girls and boys. There are wide assortments of presents that you can gift your teenage children, you just need to know their likes and their dislikes and accordingly buy gifts for them. As an example, your kids may hate staying indoors, so video games, films, board games? Probably not the right things to buy. If however they love being outdoors, camping, lounging about in fields or parks with friends, or just catching some of that fresh air, then it might be in your interest to kit them out. A portable speaker, a tent, or even one of those gear hungry coolers would no doubt go down a treat, especially if they like their beverages ice cold! Try out some of the best gifts for teenager from online Internet stores at affordable prices. You would be amazed at the huge collection of presents for teenage children.


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Best Podiatrists in London

Best Podiatrists in London

Posted by on May 12, 2017 in Children |

Your feet are one of the most important parts of your body and you need to keep them well maintained and in shape so that they can help you walk ahead in life. Are you finding some of the best podiatrists in London? Read on for more information.

Here are some of the best podiatrists that you can visit in London to keep your foot in good shape

The Podiatric clinic in London

The Podiatric clinic in London will offer you a full and methodical intrinsic feet check up that comprises of various feet related diseases like toe nail trimming, warts and varicose veins, fungal nail treatment, hard skin and removal or callus and corns from your toes, Diabetes care and flat foot, Orthopedic foot problems, Orthotic insoles, Plantar Fasciitis and pains in the heel. They have a team of well specialized podiatrists who will help you in solving any kind of feet related problem and help you stand straight and upright on your feet after treatment. They are some of the best podiatrists in London who can help you to lead a normal life again.

What services do they offer?

The best podiatrists in London offer clients an assortment of services. You can try out products like Blue foot balms that help moisturize your feet and prevents foot odor, infection, keeps your feet safe from diabetes and helps foot to stay beautiful. Apart from that, you can also try out Tea tress oil that can be soaked with Epsom salt, or Scholls callus remover that will help exfoliate the hard skin of your feet

Where can you find the best podiatrists in London

The best podiatrist in London are available in the internet as well as in various Podiatric Centers where there are a number of doctors and nurses who are available to take care of your feet as well. City Chiropody Is one of the best Chiropody and podiatry centers that deals with all kinds of feet related problems and specialize in all kinds of foot conditions.You can visit them or call them up in case of any kind of problem.


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What You Need to Consider When Choosing a Piano Teacher

What You Need to Consider When Choosing a Piano Teacher

Posted by on Sep 29, 2016 in Children, Info |

When you’re trying to find a piano teacher you need to take the time to find the right one. You could be taking lessons for years so you need to mesh with your teacher. Here is what you need to consider when choosing a piano teacher.


It’s vital that your piano teacher has patience. You just can’t work with one that doesn’t. As a beginner you need to take the time to learn the basics. You’re going to get frustrated as it is and it definitely won’t help if the person teaching you also gets frustrated. Think about finding other pupils of that teacher and asking them if they would recommend their teacher. It’s always good if you can get a referral from a friend.

You must find a patient teacher so consider meeting with a potential tutor to have a discussion about your goals and tastes so the teacher has an idea of who you are and what you want to learn.

A perfect first lesson is a blend of talking and playing. You should talk about your own music tastes and what you’d like to achieve. Don’t move forward to the lesson before establishing this. Then you can see how well you connect with the teacher as they instruct you.

You should also find a respectable teacher that is assertive. When you get lazy or stop practicing then it’s important you have a teacher who can gently nudge you in the right direction.

Finally you must not forget that both of you need to patient. You should also be patient with yourself because learning the piano is a difficult process. Don’t get mad with yourself if you don’t get it right from the start. Patience and practice are the key to learning the piano.


Both you and your  teacher need to have some passion. You won’t get too far with a teacher who doesn’t have passion. It can be frustrating and time consuming to learn to play an instrument. You need the patience and the passion to proceed and succeed. Your teacher must share this passion with you and it will be clear if they do or don’t from the start.


It’s also important that your teacher is comfortable with the style that you’ve chosen and that they have experience in it. If you want to play classical you need a teacher who can also play classical. Piano teachers in London often have experience in a broad range of styles but you should still discuss the style you want with them first.


When discussing inspiration we typically mean the things that inspire us to learn, such as our favorite songs or musicians. No matter what it is that inspires you don’t forget that the inspiration can come from close to home.

It’s important that your teacher is a major inspiration to you. Let the teacher play for you to show you how to play. It gives them a chance to show off, it gives you a chance to learn, and it also gives you a chance to be inspired.


It is vital that your teacher is dedicated to you and what you need. The best way to learn an instrument is through one on one tuition. If you go to a group class then ensure that your teacher can provide personal support where you need it.

Dedicated music teachers know what you need and will dedicate their time and effort to instruct you in those areas. Whether you’re having trouble with scales or with a few bars of a song a good teacher understands you need extra help and gives it


When trying to find a tutor for your child you should ensure that the teacher has an advanced CRB check. It’s so that you know your child is safe and that you can trust their tutor alone with them. You can find out more about the CRB check here.

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T-Shirt Personalisation: Gifts Your Kids Will Love That Are Not Toys

Posted by on Dec 4, 2015 in Children |


Don’t let your kids be one of those who don’t know what they’re good at or what they want to do in life. As early as possible encourage them to explore and figure out their interest by enrolling them at different kinds of classes. Whether they end up pursuing music, dance, art, or other field, know that in some way these classes help them learn and acquire some skills that will lead them to that line of work.

Personalised T-Shirts

Aside from the fact that kids love getting clothes as a gift anytime, especially if they don’t have many clothes, they love printed t-shirts from Print My Logo even more. Why? Because it gives them the feeling of being given extra effort that equates to attention and care which we all know kids dig. Plus point if you happen to nail a design they’re digging at the moment, then rest assured it’ll be their favorite shirt for quite a while.


Kids love going and seeing events especially of their friends and playmates have gone or seen it as well. So for his upcoming birthday or this Christmas why not treat him to a concert or play that you know he like and listen to him replay the event to his squad for days. Kids, too, love to brag about good things they get or experience.

Art And Crafts Materials

Art and crafts helps you kids learn and develop skills and traits that are handy when they get old, like patience, creativity, originality, and problem solving. Instead of another doll or sword, go for crayons, drawing books as a gift.

Games And Puzzles

Playtime is good for kids but it’ll be even better if they can exercise their minds while they’re at it. Aside from that, it gives them something nice to be busy about when they’re indoors instead of just letting them watch television.


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